Centre for International Water Law and Security

The guiding vision of CIWLS is a world where water is distributed justly and peacefully for the benefit of people, states, and the environment. The CIWLS team works towards this by offering specialised legal advice and technical assistance, including assembling research and publications and training programmes, using a transdisciplinary approach.

As one of the few private sector actors in the field of international water law, the CIWLS is well-suited to progressing international water discourse and practice through close and bespoke collaboration with government, corporate, academia, and NGO clients. CIWLS operates under the flag of LCILP Global, the non profit organisation of LCILP.

The London Centre of International Law Practice

Housed within the London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP), CIWLS’s interdisciplinary approach can leverage the resources and expertise of LCILP’s other sub-centres. Our close relationship with these partners permits a comprehensive approach to water security issues as they intersect with climate change, boundary disputes, geopolitical shifts, agricultural demand and urbanisation.

LCILP is a network of experts dedicated to the advancement of global legal knowledge, research and the practice of international law. It hosts the Centre for International Water Law & Security and six other subcentres.

LCILP is able to promote peace and development by merging international law, international relations, dispute resolution and geopolitics. LCILP’s unique, cost-effective model delivers high-calibre training, advice and representation.

The CIWLS team works to:

  • Identify pathways for inclusive development,
  • Promote multi-scale and integrated approaches,
  • Improve outcomes for marginalised groups,
  • Inform decision makers on the different aspects/impacts of complex water issues,
  • Design state-of-the-art knowledge products for training purposes

The services provided by CIWLS (outlined on the following page) are based on the following aims;

  • Engaging as impartial expert advisors with the emphasis on public and private sector leaders and marginalised communities;
  • Brokering optimal, inclusive, and sustainable solutions to complex water issues;
  • Transforming sources of water conflict into opportunities for peace and development.
  • Advocating for social justice outcomes by strengthening water management.



CIWLS offers its clients cutting-edge water law services, security research and policy advice. Our team assists clients to interpret and influence the underlying forces driving water institutions, and to create or strengthen rules governing shared waters, processes for building a robust water sector. Our team also drafts legal agreements.

We work from an integrated perspective. Law is not the only solution, but provides the clear basis to work from. If needed, the CIWLS will seek input from engineers, scientists, and other relevant practitioners who can help to formulate innovative , practical and sustainable solutions that combine the law with other relevant sectors for a holistic and fully integrated legal, policy and governance package approach.

To reach these aims, we offer:

Technical Assistance

CIWLS consulting services draws from our network of established international experts who can provide technical legal assistance and advisory services. Topics of expertise include:

  • design of water laws and policies;
  • advice on implementation of laws and policies, regional evaluations and situational analysis to determine specific water sector project feasibility;
  • technical legal work including water related treaties and contracts;
  • water policy review and reform recommendations.

Expert Level Training

CIWLS offers short training courses tailored to individual government and organisational needs. Participants learn through applied scenario analysis and engage in mutual dialogue with expert educators.

High-Level Conferences and Summits

Dedicated to the advancement of global legal knowledge, research and the practice of international law, CIWLS strengthens the international community-of-practice by organising and contributing to conferences, facilitating face-to-face discussions and broadening networks.

Research and Publications

We approach our research and analysis in the spirit of collaboration with universities, policy advocacy organisations and think tanks.