The Centre for Anti-Corruption Law, Policy and Compliance

The Centre for Anti-­Corruption Law, Policy and Compliance is dedicated to providing services to public and private sector organisations to address the risks they face with respect to bribery, money laundering and other forms of corruption. The Centre is capable of providing in depth case-specific and policy advice as well as focused technical assistance and capacity building programmes. The Centre also organises conferences, events, seminars and workshops to encourage practitioner network-building and knowledge sharing across different sectors.

Our Team

The Centre for Anti-Corruption Law, Policy and Compliance gathers experts focusing on institutional, legal and technical aspects of anti-corruption policy and practice. Our experts are multinational and multilingual and have worked with governments, multilateral organisations, and private sector organisations on diverse anti-corruption issues.

Range of Services

Private Sector Organisations:

  • Technical Assistance on the UK Bribery Act and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Policy and procedure writing
  • Corporate investigation, asset recovery and civil sanctions

Public Sector Organisations:

  • Institutional and technical capacity building support to national anti-corruption bodies worldwide. This includes:

a) Evaluation and development of management structures, processes and procedures.

b) Creation of appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks to enable anti-corruption bodies to realise their potential.

c) Training for investigative and prosecutorial strategies.

d) Development of international networks to facilitate global cooperation.

  • Technical Assistance on:

a) Drafting domestic legislation compliant with all aspects of international legal practice including offences, sanctions, jurisdiction, international cooperation, extradition, asset recovery, investigative techniques and evidential requirements.

b) Drafting domestic legislation to introduce innovative incentive and enforcement practices such as legal mitigating mechanisms and Deferred Prosecution Agreements.

c) Drafting international instruments.

d) Providing general advice on legal language.


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