LCILP offers expert-level training as an integral part of its service offering. The effective use of international law requires a clear understanding of its operation and application. LCILP offers training courses within its various Centres of Expertise. These cover a wide range of inter-related topics.

LCILP is able to offer a number of pre-structured training workshops as well as bespoke training courses, tailored to the requirements of its clients.

LCILP has previously offered training workshops to a wide-range of delegates including professionals from the legal and private sectors, quasi-public sectors, as well as governments, their departments and their representatives.

Technical Assistance

Further to its bespoke training workshops, LCILP is able to offer wide-ranging technical assistance. From legal drafting to policy consultation and the implementation of programmes and strategies, LCILP is well-equipped to provide the highest level of assistance in many key areas of international law.

Conferences and Summits

LCILP organises high-level conferences, round-table and panel discussions. It provides a ‘think-thank’ platform to shape international policy and sow the seeds for positive change by welcoming the most prominent experts in their respective fields and partnering with vital stakeholders to discuss the pertinent, global legal and political issues.

Research and Publication

LCILP’s research team conduct research on global trends, both current and emerging, with particular onus placed on issues with the widest ramifications on development and peace. LCILP’s expert consultants and researchers apply their exceeding experience and knowledge to provide objective, informative contributions to global discussions through their publications at LCILP.