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Centre for International Land and Maritime Boundaries

The Centre for International Land and Maritime Boundaries provides specialised training, technical assistance, and advice to Government ministries, industries, and civil society groups. Working with local partners around the world, we provide clients with independent, confidential services tailored to the legal and historical particularities of individual borderlands and disputed areas. Our network of ad hoc experts includes renowned scholars and counsel who have appeared before the International Court of Justice, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Their authoritative analyses enable the Centre’s clients to make informed policy decisions and maximise strategic interests during negotiations, case preparations, and resource development.

CILMB’s Events, Briefs and On-Going Projects

Range of Services

Our unique consultative and capacity-building services include:

    • High-level workshops on client concerns
    • Large-scale training in legal fundamentals
    • Examination and interpretation of colonial boundary and resource treaties
    • Investigative reports based on archival records
    • Review of cadastral, hydrographic, geological, and geomorphological data
    • Scrutiny of coastal baselines and delimitation methodologies
    • Enquiries into resource exploration and exploitation in disputed areas
    • Joint establishment of technical boundary commissions
    • Treaty-based dispute settlement options and risk analyses
    • Third-party legal interests and friend-of-the-court submissions
    • Joint development zone proposals
    • Demarcation and enforcement of judgments and awards
    • Assistance in negotiation and management of boundaries
    • Policy evaluations and gap studies
    • Up-to-date research and commentary on emerging trends
    • Roundtables and seminars in London and abroad
    • Referral services
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