LCILP offers technical assistance and policy advice on international law, international relations and geopolitics across all its Areas of Expertise. Our technical advisors can bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to this service from their extensive range of regional, national and international roles. Our consultants have worked for governments, leading law firms, universities, international institutions and major multinational corporations among others. We build teams with the capacity to address current and emerging global issues in their many forms. We recognise the unstable nature of the international environment and in response we are committed to the provision of flexible and prompt service and assistance to enable our clients to achieve stability in this challenging environment.

Examples of Technical Assistance Provided:

        • Developing Legal Frameworks
        • Procurement and Project Management
        • Standardisation of Terms and Conditions
        • Evaluation of Short/Long Term Projects
        • Readiness Assessments
        • Legislative Review
        • Country Evaluations