Centre for Diplomacy, Statecraft and International Security

The Centre for International Diplomacy, Statecraft and International Security provides specialised training, technical assistance, and advice to Government ministries, embassies, and international organisations. Working with local partners, we provide developing States with confidential services tailored to their bilateral, regional, and global geopolitical interests. Our network of ad hoc experts combines legal, sociopolitical, and military expertise with advisory experience in government and intergovernmental organisations. This independent analysis and guidance assist the Centre’s clients to design proactive security policies, exercise targeted influence in multilateral negotiations, and conserve and enhance human capital.


Areas of Expertise

Our flexible consultative and capacity-building services include high-level workshops, policy briefs, seminars, and technical support on critical issues:

  • Transport and telecommunications defence, including port security, counter-piracy, submarine cables, transboundary pipelines, and satellites
  • Legal aspects of military preparation, including mutual defense treaties, non-aggression pacts, leasing of military bases, and borderland operations
  • Interpretation and modification of treaties, including ceasefires, colonial boundary and resource agreements, and bilateral investment treaties
  • Statehood, including State-building processes, legal hurdles of secession, and recognition and non-recognition of States and Governments
  • International organisations, including UN working group deliberations, accession to regional bodies, and the laws of establishment and immunity
  • Unilateral economic benefits through trade preferences and aid packages
  • Cultural heritage, including shipwrecks and post-conflict repatriation of art
  • Negotiation tactics, including country profiling, risk analysis, and mediation
  • Bilateral diplomatic ties, including severance of relations, protection of nationals, and dispute settlement tools for historical issues and future crises
  • Targeted sanctions, including countermeasures, permissible commercial activities, and the adjudication of frozen assets and restricted travel
  • Cross-border trafficking of persons, narcotics, firearms, and WMD material
  • Natural disaster response, as per humanitarian, migration, and climate law
  • Lawful intelligence-gathering in counterterrorism and police operations
  • Self-defence against State-sponsored cyber attacks and economic espionage