Anti-Corruption Forum

The role of this forum is to raise awareness of the importance of the fight against corruption across all sections of society. Corruption is a global disease that benefits a minority whilst exacerbating the suffering of millions. This forum is divided into four thematic areas: Corruption in Business; Corruption in the Public sector and Government; Corruption in the International Arena; and the Role of International Organisations and Civil Society. Here you will find, amongst other things, the latest news on corruption, the legal mechanisms designed to combat corruption and publications.

Corruption in Business

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  • Corruption in business affects whole companies through its economic effects, including reduced profitability and efficiency. Corruption often involves the improper use of company resources and leaves the company with a reduced operational budget. Another problem is the effect on brand and sector image- if news of corruption in a particular company or sector is publicized, clients and investors may be lost.

There are international guidelines that aim to increase corporations’ adherence to anti-corruption guidelines. However, companies based in jurisdictions requiring implementation of a compliance system may be at a disadvantage when competing with companies that secure their competitiveness by corruption. Civil society therefore has a duty lobby for a higher international compliance standard that would improve the fairness of the international marketplace.

Corruption in Public Sector and Government

Corruption in government is condemned by the public as it involves abuse of power by trusted institutions such as political parties, the police, public officials, the legislature, and the judiciary. Needless to say, this type of corruption can be extremely detrimental to the society that relies on these safeguards.

Public sector corruption in areas, such as healthcare, transport, education or defence, makes public services inefficient. These essential services are fundamental to proper, functioning infrastructure, corruption in this sphere affects every section of society and significantly reduces confidence in governments.

Corruption in the International Arena

  • Corruption in the international arena makes the global fight against corruption even harder. Civil society and international organisations might contribute to better global compliance but their efforts can be counterproductive if there is corruption within them, having a wide-ranging impact across various areas of international initiatives.
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This can have long-lasting effects on the fight against climate change and efforts to promote sustainable development, whilst humanitarian sector corruption is often detrimental to the most vulnerable sections of society.

The Role of International Organisations and Civil Society

This section deals with the role of civil society and intergovernmental organisations in battling corruption. There are international anti-corruption instruments and guidelines issued by intergovernmental organisations such as OECD, UNDOC or ICC. The role of civil society is crucial for monitoring, raising public awareness and making policy recommendations. Although civil society and the intergovernmental organisations are working towards the eradication of corruption, these efforts are futile without cooperation from law enforcement agencies in implementing them. The regional success of cooperation between these institutions is ostensible based on the differences between the anti-corruption laws of various countries.