Collaboration with the Saudi Law Training Centre and the Law Firm of Majed M. Garoub

The London Centre of International Law Practice has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Saudi Law Training Center and the Law Firm of Majed M. Garoub to collaborate on training programnes, legal events and consultancy.

The Saudi Law Training Center (SLTC) is a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based legal training centre with a wide ranging client portfolio and a commitment to the promotion of law, good governance and continuing professional development training through a network of training and conference facilities within the Kingdom.

It is associated with the Law Firm of Majed M. Garoub, which aspires to be recognized among the top law firms in the world for its professional excellence and commitment to teaching the next generation of legal practitioners, research and scholarship, and community service.

More details of the proposed areas of collaboration will be published shortly.

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