Africa Arbitration Forum


The forum is a platform that brings together arbitration, conciliation, mediation, peace negotiation services, events and training for Africans as well as other interested parties.

Its mission is to facilitate full and comprehensive services in Africa in the form of training, provision of dispute resolution experts in arbitration and all forms of dispute resolution, and event organising.

The forum aims to support legal professionals and all interested parties in dispute resolution on the African continent more efficiently. Our network of legal practitioners and legal experts across Africa and outside Africa work closely together with our global network to offer unparalleled combinations of latest knowledge and depth of expertise in arbitration and dispute resolution. Our ability to serve across the continent and the range of our expertise allows us to bring added value to our services in Africa.


The forum builds on LCILP’s resources of highly trained arbitration and dispute resolution team of experts and consultants. It follows LCILP’s principle in combining expertise on all relevant fronts, through the input of all relevant actors that collaborate to explore the most complex and suitable solutions.

Thanks to our ever strong local network of partners and teams, we have established privileged relationships with arbitrators and dispute resolution practitioners to provide with rapid and customised arbitration and dispute resolution solutions. We have an established network of law firms in Africa, covering the Anglophone and Francophone speaking regions of Africa. Our network of firms in Africa collaborate with LCILP in the UK to meet an increased demand for professional services, to support arbitration development in Africa and its competitiveness and connection with the international community.


Arbitration is fast becoming the dispute mechanisms of choice in Africa, with arbitral centres in Nigeria, Rwanda, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, Mauritius and Egypt playing pivotal roles in the dispute resolution process. There has been a rapid expansion of commercial relations between the West and the emerging economies in Africa. This has underlined the necessity for stronger relations amongst countries and the necessity for efficient resolution of disputes between parties contracting internationally.

Moreover, investment arbitration has become more present in Africa. 44 African states have ratified the ICSID Convention and 19 states have been confronted with investment treaty claims. Recently, South Africa has decided to terminate some of its Investment Treaties in order to protect its public policy. This decision comes in a context of change and development in the investment treaty system. The forum aims to raise awareness, and provide answers and solutions for effective management of investment treaties and the respective claims.