About us

The London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP) is a high-level practice-led Centre dedicated to the advancement of global legal knowledge, research and the practice of international law.

Our vision

To further the global understanding of international law and harness its potential as a mechanism for the promotion of peace.

How we achieve our objective

LCILP prides itself on its multi-disciplinary approach. The Centre is able to promote peace and development by merging international law, international relations, dispute resolution and geopolitics. This allows LCILP to respond to current and emerging crises through four key service offerings: Technical Assistance, Expert Level Training, High-Level Conferences and Summits & Research and Publications. LCILP’s unique cost-effective model delivers high calibre training, advice and representation:

      • We understand our clients’ specific objectives;
      • We assemble bespoke teams comprised of leading lawyers and strategists with directly relevant knowledge and experience;
      • We achieve positive results.