Registration for Energy Conference now open

We are pleased to announce that the registration is now open for the Conference on Energy Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in the Middle East and Africa, scheduled to take place on 7-9 March 2016 in London.

The main themes include: 

  • An overview of the energy arbitration system;
  • The Middle East and Africa context: economic factors, market and security issues;
  • Practical considerations when arbitrating;
  • Specific issues arising at the stages of exploration, extraction, refinement and distribution process;
  • Impact of renewable energy development;
  • Impact of investment by state actors.


Also, the event includes a workshop day, consisting of four workshops: 

  • Workshop Session 1: Discussion on the possibility of designing an ideal dispute resolution system for energy disputes in the Middle East and Africa region;
  • Workshop Session 2: A practical exercise on a gas price dispute;
  • Workshop Session 3: A practical exercise on a typical investment treaty dispute;
  • Workshop Session 4: A practical exercise on an international boundary dispute.


Delegates can register here  – Registration for Energy Conference

Please contact us for any further information at via email or at +44 (0) 207 404 5029 via phone.

Collaboration with the Saudi Law Training Centre and the Law Firm of Majed M. Garoub

The London Centre of International Law Practice has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Saudi Law Training Center and the Law Firm of Majed M. Garoub to collaborate on training programnes, legal events and consultancy.

The Saudi Law Training Center (SLTC) is a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based legal training centre with a wide ranging client portfolio and a commitment to the promotion of law, good governance and continuing professional development training through a network of training and conference facilities within the Kingdom.

It is associated with the Law Firm of Majed M. Garoub, which aspires to be recognized among the top law firms in the world for its professional excellence and commitment to teaching the next generation of legal practitioners, research and scholarship, and community service.

More details of the proposed areas of collaboration will be published shortly.

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