“Peace and Development through International Law and Dispute Resolution”

LCILP prides itself on its dynamism and ability to respond to current and emerging global legal issues. The organisation strives to develop a foundation for the promotion of peace. Through our customised services – including the creation of publications, provision of policy advice, legislative drafting, technical assistance and expert level educational courses – LCILP endeavours to ensure the proper and consistent application of international laws and regulations.

Core Values:

  • At LCILP we provide the highest standards of service, ensuring we always meet the needs of our clientele. Our philosophy is to maintain a standard of excellence in our work, striving to set new benchmarks in international law and dispute resolution.
  • LCILP is devoted to the formation of lasting development proposals , Our training programmes are designed to offer clientele the capacity building knowledge needed in order to fulfil future development projects in an independent, sustainable manner.
  • Drawing on both established methodologies and cutting edge policy practices, we take an outside- the-box, innovative approach to resolving emerging issues.
  • In practicing multi-jurisdictional law, it is crucial to be aware of different cultural practices. LCILP staff are from a diversity of cultural backgrounds, ensuring the organisation has a wealth of in-house cultural knowledge.
  • Timely completion of assignments is a necessity in the modern world, as the advent of different methods of communication have made the exchange of information instantaneous, regardless of geographical location. Emphasis is placed on efficiency to ensure the task at hand can be dealt with in a timely and appropriate fashion.
  • The faculty of LCILP take great pride in the knowledge and experience they have gathered over the years. The proper application of this knowledge allows clients the comfort of knowing their needs are being properly and adequately addressed.